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Aviation Electrical Systems Installation Services

The field of aviation is an extremely complex industry — from the intricate mechanics that make up the aircraft, to the years of dedicated and careful study that goes into flying these incredible pieces of machinery, down to the specialized electrical systems needed in the hangars themselves. All of these pieces have to work in unison for the success of the aviation companies and the protection of the pilots and passengers. 

E-MC Electrical has been Texas’s relied-upon commercial aviation electrician since our founding in 1977. Our experienced electricians understand the electrical systems needed to operate and maintain the aircraft hangars that store these magnificent pieces of modern machinery. With strict codes surrounding how these systems are installed, special considerations need to be taken for the hazardous materials stored and used in these hangars to operate and maintain the aircraft. Electricians need to understand the different types, locations, and installation methods that adhere to federal and state regulations. E-MC Electrical ensures that all of our electricians handling these types of jobs have been properly trained and are more than equipped to handle the delicate nature of this type of project.

If you are looking to install electrical systems for your new aircraft hangars or need maintenance or repairs on your older hangars, our electricians can help. Read more information about our aviation electrical system services:

What Services Does E-MC Electrical Provide for Aviation Companies?

Our electricians can perform the following services to ensure the safety and successful operation of aircraft hangars:

  • Install electrical power in pits for the underground placement of air and power equipment, distribution network, hoses, and cables
  • Install Flight Line Electrical Distribution Systems (FLEDS) for distributing 400Hz, 60Hz, and DC power
  • Install Line Drop Compensators (LDC) to ensure that power is delivered at the correct voltage
  • Install and maintain the following:
    • Distribution systems
    • Line drop compensators
    • Power panels

At E-MC Electrical, we don’t stop at service for aircraft hangars. We also install electrical systems for the airline company’s corporate facilities. This ensures your systems are managed to encourage energy efficiency to help reduce utility costs. We also take the time to check that their critical technology infrastructure is not only properly installed and maintained but that safeguards are also set in place to ensure that flight operations and reservations are never lost or disrupted in the case of a power outage. 

Why Should I Choose E-MC Electrical to Install My Aviation Hangar’s Electrical Systems?

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E-MC Electrical has proven itself a dependable partner with aviation companies across the state of Texas. All of our electricians hold themselves to the following values:

  • We Make Ourselves Readily Available: We ensure that we are present to support all of our clients’ needs.
  • We Create Personalized Systems and Relationships: We foster ongoing professional relationships with our clients by building meaningful relationships with them. This helps us understand the unique requirements of your business, making each service tailored to your business’s goals and needs.
  • Rapid Response Time: We ensure our electricians promptly answer all calls and inquiries to ensure communication is kept open.
  • All Projects Are Delivered On Time: This ensures that our clients always meet their deadlines so that they do not have downtime or lose money.
  • Budget-Conscious Decisions: We understand that your business needs its projects completed on a predetermined budget. We are committed to keeping our work within that budget without sacrificing the quality of the work. 

On top of these values, our team also undergoes ongoing training so that our electrical systems:

  • Can be used by a variety of different clients
  • Boast a long service life
  • Are installed using the most recent innovations and processes in the industry
  • Are user-friendly to ensure safety and ease of training
  • Integrate well with any equipment you may need for your hangar

Specialized Solutions For Aviation Industries From E-MC Electrical

E-MC is a full-service electrical contractor that serves both private and federal companies statewide. Our expertise allows us to provide unparalleled services to a wide range of industries, such as aviation, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. When you need a reliable team to help you install or maintain the electrical systems in your aircraft or corporate facility, you can trust the electricians at E-MC Electrical to be there. Rely on excellence and contact our master electricians today to schedule an appointment.

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