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Comprehensive Commercial Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Services

With more and more individuals taking the initiative to be more environmentally conscious, electric car sales have skyrocketed. The United States Government has announced plans to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2035 to decrease our carbon footprint and encourage more individuals to use electric vehicles. With this change, more and more electric car chargers will be needed to ensure that individuals have the power they need to reach their destinations.

If your commercial business is looking to install electric car chargers in your parking lot, the electrical experts at E-MC can help. Our team offers comprehensive commercial EV charging station services, such as installation, maintenance, and repair. We offer our services to a wide range of commercial customers, including but not limited to: apartments and condominiums, work offices and workplaces, retail stores, hotels, and fleets.

Our electricians offer the following commercial EV services:

Commercial EV Charger Sales

Our electricians will meet with you and help you find the right charging equipment for your business’s budget and needs. We then provide all of the technical information to get your charger up and running. No matter which option your business decides to go with, you can rest assured that our service team will provide exceptional service. 

Commercial EV Charger Installation Services

Once you have decided on an EV charger, our licensed master electrician will come out to design where your chargers will be installed. We make a map of your parking lot and then sit down and plan the most convenient locations for your electrical vehicle drivers. This space will need to accommodate the chargers, hold space for the vehicles to sit in as they charge, be able to pull out the spot safely, and not block important areas such as handicap-accessible areas or emergency vehicle entrances/exits. 

Once we have decided on locations and have them approved by you, we will then install your chargers. We also offer charger movements and reinstallations for customers who may want to expand their parking lots or make changes to their layout. We handle everything quickly and ensure that your charging stations are up to code. 

EV Charging Station Maintenance

Our electricians don’t stop at installation. We offer full turnkey maintenance solutions to ensure that your electric car chargers are operating at their best at all times. Whether it is a charging station that needs routine maintenance or a repair, our team can help. We also offer real-time monitoring which keeps you and our team up-to-date on how your system is running and if there are areas that need attention.

EV Charger Software Updates

E-MC Electrical offers software updates on all of our EV charging stations. We make sure that they are up to date, ensuring that you and your customers have smoother billing, fleet management, charger monitoring, and even updated, easy-to-use apps for your customers. These software updates are extremely important for the health and continued successful use of your charger. Getting your EV Charger from our team ensures that you will never have to worry about an out-of-date system.

The E-MC Electrical Advantage

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Since our founding in 1977, E-MC Electrical has made it our mission to set itself apart as an electrical company that is adaptable to the changing needs of our customers and industry. We provide affordable and industry-leading solutions for a wide range of clients from processing plants to restaurants.

Our electricians accomplish our mission by offering excellent customer services, using only the latest and most proven technological and industry advancements, and employing green energy solutions to protect our natural world. We pride ourselves on the following qualities:

  • We Make Sure We Are Available: We are always present to support our client’s needs.
  • All Services Are Personalized: We believe in building personal relationships with our clients to understand their unique requirements.
  • All of Our Services Are Prompt: We make it our mission to answer all calls and inquiries promptly to ensure efficient communication and solutions for our clients. We don’t want you to miss a single moment of your business.
  • We Are Always On Time: We deliver projects on time so our clients meet their deadlines.
  • Budget Conscious: We are committed to sticking to the project budget set by our customers without sacrificing the quality of the work. We keep your best interests at heart. 

Level 1-3 EV Charging Solutions

When choosing which type of chargers you plan to invest in for your business, it is important to consider the charging level that you need. There are three main types of EV chargers. These are broken down into categories of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Here is a brief overview of these different levels.

Level 1 – 120V; 15 to 20 AMPS

The first level of EV charging is comparable to a regular household outlet that releases 120 Volts (V). It has a charging rate of 4 miles per hour and a charging duration of 30+ hours. This type of charger is better for residential areas, such as apartment complexes and condominiums as they will mostly be used overnight when the drivers are not using the car. However, with faster options available most businesses are passing up Level 1. It will take 30 hours for a car to be completely charged on a Level 1 EV charger.

Level 2 – 240V; Up to 80 AMPS

Level 2 EV Chargers are a major step up from Level 1. They are great for both residential and commercial locations. They can handle 240V and have a charging rate of 12-30 miles per hour. For a full charge, a car will need to sit in the station for 8-12 hours. 

As with Level 1, a Level 2 EV Charger will operate best for cars that can be parked there overnight. This works for hotels, apartment complexes, and condominiums. A Level 2 Charger will provide peace of mind, as all customers using it will know that their car will be fully charged when they wake up in the morning.

Level 3 – 480V; Up to 300 AMPS

If you are looking to give your customers a fast charging experience when they are shopping in your store or eating at your establishment, Level 3 is the way to go. These charging stations can handle 480V and have a charging rate of 3-15 miles per minute. If a car were to sit in the station for 30 minutes, they would be able to leave with an 80% charged vehicle. 

DC Chargers Vs. Level 2 Charging

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One of the key differences between a Level 2 Charger and a DC Fast Charger is the speed at which they will charge an electric vehicle’s battery. Level 2 Chargers, on average, can get an electric vehicle 150 miles of range in a 4-8 hours charging period. A DC Fast Charger can get the same electric vehicle charged to go 150 miles in 15-30 minutes.

If you are trying to decide which charger you want to invest in for your business, the key point you will want to consider is how long will the vehicle stay in the parking lot. For most retail businesses and restaurants, the answer is probably around thirty minutes to an hour. This would make having a DC Fast Charger more beneficial than a Level 2 Charger, as customers can get a faster charge to carry them more miles in the time it takes them to shop or eat. 

However, for businesses such as a hotel, the 8-hour charging time will not pose as much of a problem since customers will be staying overnight. This may make this type of charger a more worthwhile investment. It all depends on your business’s time with the consumer and the consumer’s needs.

EV Brand – Specific Chargers

E-MC is proud to partner with industry-leading manufacturers of EV Charging Stations. Our team offers the following brands:

ABB: As the industry-leading manufacturer of EV charging stations, our electricians highly trust this brand. They are known for the flexibility of their chargers, the upgradeability, and the cost-efficiency. ABB offers a wide range of EV chargers that are designed to meet your business’s needs. We proudly offer the following EV Chargers:

  • Terra DC Fast Chargers: Compact size makes it perfect for urban use and can serve three vehicles at one time.
  • Terra 360 All-In-One High Power Charger: One of the fastest all-in-one chargers on the market.
  • Terra HP: Able to handle Electric vehicles that have larger batteries than the average electric vehicle.
  • Terra DC Wallbox: Able to handle both small vehicles such as a four-door electric sedan as well as larger vehicles such as an electric bus. It boasts a space-saving design and is easy to install. 
  • Terra AC Wallbox: This brings high-value quality, future-proof flexibility, and advanced safety features to help protect charging vehicles.
  • Connector Based: Large electric charging station that is specially designed to handle electric buses.
  • Pantograph Up: Another electric bus charging station whose charger is located on the roof to allow more buses to be charged at one time. Great for commercial businesses that have their own fleet of buses.
  • Pantograph Down: Charges electric buses faster than the Pantograph Up version. It is safe and reliable and makes use of the OppCharge Protocol. 

ChargePoint: ChargePoint charging stations are another solution that our electricians can help install. They offer a wide range of options for a wide range of businesses, such as healthcare, restaurants, and multi-family housing.

Xeal Energy: When it comes to maximizing value, Xeal Energy has gone the extra mile with its line of EV charging stations. Their technology requires no network/IT infrastructure, allowing businesses to reduce capex and optimize ROI. They optimize energy efficiency through a dynamic power optimization software that is unique to the Xeal Energy brand. This means that more EV chargers can be installed without upgrading electrical capacity. This brand of EV charger is great for multi-family housing and commercial businesses.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station – Business Models and Ownership

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E-MC Electrical’s EV charging solutions offer a full range of deployment configurations, delivering high-speed performance on a smart network, with Level-2 and DC fast chargers. We are committed to helping our clients find high ROI with their electric vehicle charging stations. To keep with this mission, we offer host-owned business models. This is perfect for all types of businesses and makes them the sole owner and operator of the EV charging station. This keeps all of the revenue within the business, instead of sharing a portion with an administrator or operator.

Customized Solutions for Your Commercial EV Charging Station Needs

E-MC Electrical has been helping businesses find customized solutions for their electrical needs since our founding in 1977. We are proud to offer experienced EV charging station installation, maintenance, and repair services across the state of Texas. We make your business’s safety and continued growth our number one priority, which is why we only offer the best brands in the business. You can rest assured that your EV charging stations will be of the highest quality and help you see a nice return on your investment. Contact our team today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our electricians to go over which type of charging station is best for your needs.

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