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Commercial Electrical Contractors in Texas

E-MC Electrical is a full-service commercial electrical contractor that proudly serves our customers across the State of Texas. Our electricians have set themselves apart by becoming trusted advisors and leading innovators in the trade. Our clients know that we have their safety, continued growth, and success in mind as we start each project. We are committed to providing superior service and ensuring that all our work on your commercial building meets your company’s needs. We accomplish this by building long-lasting working relationships with our clients.

Our electricians have extensive knowledge and experience working with the following industries:

  • Government Agencies
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Municipal

Examples of Commercial Electrical Projects Our Team Has Worked On

What Services Do You Provide These Industries?

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Business owners and facility managers rely on their buildings being equipped with proper electrical lighting, equipment, and systems to power their operations. E-MC Electrical is a trusted resource for businesses in all types of industries. From new construction electrical installations to building automation services, we deliver solutions that target your business’s specific needs. Keep your team productive by relying on the following electrical services from E-MC Electrical:

  • New Electrical Systems Installation: Our experienced electricians will ensure that your power wiring, lighting, and electrical systems are installed properly to keep your business running as it should and reduce the risk of electrocution.
  • Commercial Electrical Diagnosis and Repair: We offer emergency repair services, power restorations, and general maintenance diagnostics and repair services.
  • Commercial Lighting Installation and Setup: Our electricians help you determine which type of lighting will work best for your business and install it to make your products and services shine.
  • Commercial Generator Installation: Texas is known for its severe weather which can knock out power without warning. This would leave your commercial business or agency in the dark. For some industries, such as data centers, hospitals, and industrial plants, these can lead to horrific consequences. A commercial generator is your first line of defense against these blackouts, ensuring your facility can continue to operate with little disruption.
  • Power Installation: Our electricians proudly install power distribution systems throughout your facility, such as electrical panels, outlets, and wiring.
  • HVAC Electrical Installation: Our electricians can install the system that will provide power to your HVAC system, including the unit’s thermostats and control systems.
  • Fire Alarm Installation Services: We design and install fire alarm systems for all types of commercial industries.
  • Renewable Energy Installation: E-MC Electrical helps businesses go green by installing solar panels and other renewable energy sources to ensure enough electricity is generated throughout your building.
  • Commercial Electrical Upgrades: Our electricians can help improve the safety and utility of your building and systems by upgrading older out-of-date electrical systems.
  • Building Automation Design: Create better energy efficiency and comfort for your commercial buildings by investing in building automation systems services. This allows you to have control over your building’s systems through a network-connected device. This can streamline your decision-making process and give you more control over your building’s most essential systems.
  • EV-Charging Station Installation: E-MC Electrical provides EV-Charging (electrical vehicle charging) station consulting and installation services, ensuring that you get the right stations for your business’s situation. Whether it is for your hospitality business or your large shopping center, our team has the right solutions for you. 

Customized Solutions for Your Commercial Business

No matter what industry your business is in, you can rely on E-MC Electrical to have the right solutions for your electrical needs. From new system installation to maintenance and repair, we proudly serve our community across the state of Texas. Contact our team today for more information on our services or to schedule a consultation with our master electrician.